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Trans Advocacy Pennsylvania
We are a duly created, federally recognized, non-profit corporation and we are the first exclusively transgender action organization to be formed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

Our Vision:

We envision a society where all persons without regard for their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or preference, physical or mental disability, country of origin, level of or lack of melanin, education, economic status, faith or lack thereof, or any method of marginalization can enjoy the full citizenship as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Our Mission:

Conduct transgender informational related research or assist other agencies in their research efforts.

Advocate on behalf of transgender and LGBTQ identified persons at the local, Commonwealth and national level. 

Conduct gender education to schools, businesses, health care providers, agencies and organizations, state and local government agencies (including Correctional Facilities), civic organizations and communities of faith.

Provide support to LGBTQ individuals and organizations, including but not limited to, assistance with insurance and care related challenges, assist in limiting barriers to various public and private services, and refer individuals to qualified service providers.

Provide access to various resources of value to the LGBTQ community.