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We know that intolerance for others is fueled by a lack of knowledge or understanding, and far too often myths, distortion of facts, and unchecked imaginations guide public perceptions.

Fear of the unknown also contributes to the misunderstanding or discrimination.

We know that any lie, or misleading statement that is allowed to go unchallenged becomes a truth.

Many entities across the Commonwealth and the Nation are distorting the truth about a wide range of targets, and the transgender and LGBTQ communities are squarely in the bullseye.

To overcome these negatives, Trans Advocacy Pennsylvania with its speakers bureau and associates will attempt to educate the public.


Trans Advocacy Pennsylvania provides guest speakers, brochures and materials to businesses, education institutions, churches, civic groups and any other organization that would request our assistance.

Trans Advocacy Pennsylvania also conducts public education by being present at various community 
PRIDE events.